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...al cruzar la calle - Octubre (Lyrics, English Translation)

If by some stupid reason you have been avoiding Cancioneira's music, you have the responsibility to stop. Stop immediately.

She's a Venezuelan composer that took my by surprise some years ago. I'm in love with what she does. "... al cruzar la calle" translates into "...while crossing the street". This is her pseudonymous from that time she had a band or something like that. You can easily find her on Soundcloud. If you like what she's doing, please do support her music. She's kind of a big deal to me, I mean, as a composer. I admire the clarity of her voice and her awesome use of reverb.

End of story. Enters the song:


Ya no sé si escribir
se borraron las fechas y horas
funcionaron todas las pastillas
que usé en contra de los recuerdos
que vivimos aquel verano
si me olvidas te lo agradezco
no me escribas ni una canción

el amor es una empresa capitalista
te doy todo y tú no me das nada
sólo haces que llore de madrugada
que me ahogue en vasos de agua

si deletreas mi apellido
tal vez regrese a tu ciudad
tal vez no


I don't know if I'll write*
the dates and hours got erased
all the pills worked fine
took them to fight the memories
that we lived through the other summer
if you forget me, I'll be grateful
don't even write a song for me

love is a capitalistic company
I give you all and get nothing back
except that I weep late at night
and feel like drowning in teacup storms**

if you spell out my last name
maybe I'll come back to your city
maybe not

*The phrase is very ambiguous in Spanish, it doesn't imply if she feels unsure about writing notes to herself, a diary or a letter.
**As in the "a storm in a teacup" idiom.

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