viernes, 30 de diciembre de 2016

On comments :)

So, through the years I have read any number of comments posted on the blog. Some of them have been from incredibly kind people, some others from regular folks asking for a translation or a more precise interpretation of song x or k or z. All of those comments are welcomed and always teach me stuff about you. I’d like to use this post to explain why I recently changed the settings of the platform to request from you to log into a google account in order to be able to comment.

In many ways, translating from English or Spanish is a practice that has characterized my life over the past nine-odd years... but there is more to this blog that mere translation. Back in the day, in order to make the translations more appealing (to a reader as myself) and less of a “sketchbook” to become a pro, I developed a particular type of narrative that intertwines my own life and experiences with the songs I interpret. This may look very similar to sharing my own life in social media, but it ain’t quite so. My impression is that, whenever I partook in social media, I attempted to give shape to my own ideas through adapting and creating profiles of whom I felt I was. But I have shed so many layers of skin, I have taken up so many different identities and I have attempted to erase so many of them due to shame and vanity, I went to great lengths trying to improve on the previous depiction of myself looking forward to creating another one… and I've finally decided not to do so anymore.

I refuse to see my life as some sort of consecutive chain of “better versions”, and I am trying to be rather a condensed identity, a sort of not so changing or different looking identity. You might call this owning my stuff, you might think this is just another phase, you might see Jane as the madhouse of contradiction, a wrongdoing, or maybe just mildly interesting stuff. You might call it what you see them, that’s ok.

 This blog has become some sort of testimony. I don't recall the exact feelings that I had way back in the day when I decided to start translating songs for someone or some ones. It is of no great importance. What matters is that this platform has become some kind of diary, and I refuse to erase it, I refuse pretend that I’ve always been good at it. One may be able to go back and edit some entries, but, I don't really see the point of correcting everything systematically, as if I was ashamed of the different people I've sounded and looked like. I know that vanity goes hand in hand with diaries, or narcissism, or who cares. I simply don't wish to go back into my past and edit it all that often. I might change the translations, I might improve on them, but, please don't ask from Jane to be anything other than what she is. She is part of my life as much as it could be part of yours.

Feel like giving some advice regarding translation x or z or y? Feel free, but be aware that I don't have any reason to keep any mean comments or to listen to anyone who feels like teaching this lil’ kid a thing or two about English or Spanish. It'd be lying to say that I don't learn from this blog; it'd be too condescending to assume that I need some shaming to improve.

That's just about it. Cheers, :) I really like writing for you all, and I wonder if you don't get bored of my stuff sometimes, but, then again, I don't think most of you need to hear these ramblings, given the fact that you've read my entries and hung around for so long.

Thank you for reading, and keep them coming. 

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